Staffing Solutions

This page provides details on Staffing Solutions. To find support and FAQs relating to Staffing Solutions, please see the Employee Support section.

Staffing SolutionsWe manage the full end to end recruitment process for all of your temporary staffing needs. Working with you to achieve maximum fill rates to ensure a safe working environment and increase patient satisfaction.

It’s about getting the basics right. All bank activity is centralised through expert resources, systems and tools to create simple, consistent, standardised and legally compliant processes that increase the overall efficiency of bank operations and reduce overheads and assist you in reducing agency usage.

Our services include:

  • Support for all bank recruitment requirements
  • Candidate pre-employment and DBS checks
  • Assistance with Selection and Assessment preparation
  • Actively work with Bank staff to secure the best fill rates
  • Work with Managers to reduce Agency usage across the Trust

We work in partnership with you to deliver the best Bank function for the Trust

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