HR & Wellbeing Business Services 2nd Birthday

This month, HR & Wellbeing Business Services celebrated its 2nd birthday. To mark the occasion, the teams and client Trusts were invited to nominate individuals for several awards.

The nominations and final winners are as follows:

Team Member of the Year
Andrea Davies
Clare Harrower
Diane Clarke
Diane Noonan
Emma Cross
Emma Davis
Glyn Jones
Gordon Simber
Jean Bath
Jill Booth
Joanna Auty
Julie Carter
Leanne Keryakoplis
Lisa Dawson
Sarah Minshull
Steve Gregg-Rowbury
Tony Roberts
Winner - Leanne Keryakoplis

Team Member of the Whole Service
Clare Harrower
Glenys Thomas
Glyn Jones
Jean Bath
Jill Booth
Joanna Lyon
Kelly Hughes
Lisa Dawson
Liz Finlay
Rachel Breese
Sophie Hunter
Sue Hodkinson
Winner - Glenys Thomas

Outstanding Achievement Outside of Work
Allan Axon, Debbie Thorne, Emma Davis, Glyn Jones, Sue Moore
Charlotte Rowles
Glenys Thomas
Sarah De Beger
Sophie Hunter
Sue Moore
Tony Roberts
Winners - Charlotte Rowles and Sophie Hunter

Nominations from Client Trusts
Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – Kelly Hughes
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Glenys Thomas
Wirral Community NHS Trust – Liz Finlay
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Sue Lyon
Winners & Nominees Winners & Nominees Winners & Nominees

Winners of HPMA 2013 Award

HPMA Banner
The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, supported by HR & Wellbeing Business Services, are pleased to announce that we have won the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA) Award in the Category of Best Practice and Innovation using ESR.

Our submission focused on three areas:

  • Our success in developing the workforce information we take from ESR and how we use that to support the Trust
  • The contribution we made to the NHSLA Level 3 assessment
  • The way we have used ESR to support cost reductions across the Trust through analysing the data from ESR and using it to support our strategies on agency spend and international recruitment

The award overview can be viewed in full here

Winners Photo

L-R: Dee Appleton-Cairns, Sue Hodkinson, Allan Axon, Ann Baker, Susan Young, Paul Spooner (NHS ESR Programme Director)

To read the award winning case study, please click here